Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How to get super soft feet while you sleep

Hey everyone !
Indulge your feet with the following treat once a week and they'll always be soft and smooth !

1. Rub your feet with a layer of rich fruit lotion. If you prefer, you can make your oen by mixing 60ml ( 1/4 cup ) olive oil, 60ml ( 1/4 cup ) single cream and 20ml ( 1 tbsp ) mayonnaise. I haven't tried this recipie but found it in a magazine for you people . Anyways I like to use my ForestEssentials lotion.

2. Pull on a pair of socks and head for bed.

3. Wash off the cream in the morning to reveal beautifully soft footsies. Don't forget to put the socks in the wash !!! 

And there you go ! You're done !!!

Thanks for reading my blog !!!
~Prisha <3

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