Sunday, 29 December 2013

Color show collection !!!

The color show shades are really pretty and the formula is awesome !
Most of the shades just need 1 coat to get opaque. I bought five of them first but they were so tempting that I bough more and more. Right now I have nine of them.

Tenacious Teal
This is a really pretty teal.

Lavender Lies
A really pretty soft purple 

Berry sexy
This is a glittery purpley shade.


Velvet Wine
A dark maroon red glittery shade 
Lovely to wear near Christmas .

Kiss Me Pink
This is a dark glittery pink. You would love to wear it when you want some glitz 'n' glam going on.


Hooked on Pink
This color is so girly...a dark cute pink which is just PERFECT.


Constant Candy
A neutral color that can be worn otherwise or under a French mani.

Porcelain party
A nice white. Gets opaque in 1 coat if you do not have any extensions. 2 if you have long ones


Crystal Clear
I can say this is the best top coat I own !!!

I think the color show collection roxxxx !!!!
They have around 40 shades here in India. And many more in other countries.
What I'm eagerly waiting for is the polka dot range of the color show collection.
They have 4-6 shades for polka dots which have black sparkles in different colors...

Thanks for reading this blog post !!!

~Prisha <3

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